Using All-Natural Honey to Improve Your Health

Our health is something we take for granted but if you do not feel well or are constantly tired then you should consider switching to all-natural honey. There are many positive health benefits tied to all-natural honey and once you are fully aware of these benefits you will be motivated to start adding some honey to your diet.

Not All Honey is Created Equal

Prior to reviewing the various health benefits that are linked to honey we should mention that not all honey is created the same. There are all-natural sources like a BC honey farm however, some of the honey being offered is not pure and is mixed with processes sugars. Make it a priority to ensure that the honey you utilize is from a reputable source to get the maximum health benefits.

BC honey farm

Reduces the Impact of Pollen Allergies

If you have pollen allergies you know how frustrating it can be, the constant sneezing and sinus congestion is enough to make anyone not want to go outdoors. Instead of spending good money on costly allergy remedies that do not work you could just add some honey to your diet. Some reports have indicated it takes over two (2) million flowers to produce one (1) pound of honey. As the bees collect nectar from these flowers there are tiny amounts of pollen that attach to the bee, this pollen is transferred into the honey. When we ingest honey these small amounts of pollen are introduced to our body. Since the pollen comes in trace amounts it will not cause a person to have an allergic reaction but can actually encourage the formation of antibodies. These “antibodies” will, over the course of time make you less likely to suffer an allergic reaction due to pollen. If you have young children it may be wise to gradually introduce them to honey just be sure it is from a reputable BC honey farm and that it is not overly processed. Raw honey is the best because it does not lose any of the health-benefits that are eliminated when the honey is pasteurized.