Blogs And Multiple Sources

When people think about blogs, they generally think of amateur writers who use blogging websites as a means for posting their thoughts and feelings.  Of course, this is the case for many people who write blogs, but the blog itself has expanded over the years to not just include amateur writers, but also trained professionals and experts in certain fields of study and business.  There are even professional writers who use their blogs to reach out to their readership while also expanding their opportunities in publication.  For many freelance journalists, the blog is the way that they publish their journalism.  The down side of journalism in the blogosphere is the fact that there is no sort of top down method of ensuring that everything is factually correct; however, the up side to journalism in the free and open internet is the fact that more people can get into the act and try to get to the truth of the matter.


Gone are the days where there were only three television networks, and those three networks were where pretty much everyone got their news.  Today, people get their news from all over the place, and while many different blogs and websites will be slanted towards certain political views, the fact that you can get a number of different perspectives about the same topics is something that can help discerning people come to their own conclusions.  This is why it is important for those who want to get all of the facts to look at a number of different blogs and news sites in order to figure out the entire truth.  While it is likely that any individual will have their favorite sites that they go to for their news, it is essential that they also look for the other side of the story so that they are not being manipulated.

Ultimately, differences of opinion between journalists is a good thing.  If we imagine a world where only one view of the events within it was available, then we might be imagining an Orwellian dystopia.  Anyone who wants to get to the bottom of the issues of the world will always want to try to look at these issues through multiple perspectives, and that is what the internet and the blog has allowed us to do.  While some arguments can definitely be made that certain sites are more accurate than others, the fact remains that all views and reports on these issues ought to be analyzed if one wishes to get to the bottom of it all.

Journalists are humans, and so they are as likely as anyone else to be biased in their opinions.  However, if we can view many different opinions instead of just taking one individual or one group of individuals at their word, then we will become better educated ourselves.  When it comes to independent and freelance journalism, blogs have become a huge benefit to those of us who want all of the information we can find.