Bikini Body Made Easy With Kayla Itsines

Bikini Body Season is here and that means it’s time for a new exercise routine. Many women give up on exercising because they think the gym is too intimidating and they struggle to get into a routine there that they are willing to stick with. The solution to this is following a fitness guru. There are many great fitness gurus out there, but one of the best is undoubtedly Kayla Itsines. Kayla has been an advocate for being healthy ever since she started her career as a fitness guru and her focus on being healthy, not skinny is something that all women who use Sweat by Kayla will appreciate.

While many other fitness gurus tend to focus on being slim as an end result, Kayla has stated numerous times that a slim figure should only be as a result of a healthy lifestyle and that health should be the focus above all else. Kayla herself owes her enviable figure to a healthy diet and regular exercising. She has said that she does not believe that depriving yourself of food is a good way to go, but that you should rather indulge in moderation and eat as much as you want when the food is healthy. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll find plenty of pictures of enviable dishes that are all made to be healthy. She has also opened up about the importance of not pushing yourself too hard, stating that your body will tell you when it needs a rest day. Most fitness gurus recommend that you rest at least one day a week and this is something that Kayla concurs with.

Sweat by Kayla

One of the biggest reasons why Kayla is a step above most other fitness gurus is because of Sweat by Kayla, her fitness app. This fitness app makes it easy to keep track of your workouts, your goals and thus it makes it easy to get your dream bikini body. Kayla became famous for her Bikini Body Guide, referred to as BBG within the fitness community, and this fitness app follows that same format. She decided to rename it due to the fact that she didn’t want women to focus too much on the “bikini body” aspect of working out, instead wanting them to focus on being healthy and fit, with a bikini body resulting as a natural side effect of this active lifestyle. Almost any Sweat with Kayla Review that you find will also praise this.

Kayla’s workouts are by no means reserved for experts. She uses simple moves that are easy to get the hang of, but the way in which she structures her workouts still makes it quite a challenge to get through them. Persevering and getting through a workout is a great feeling that women who use the app say they get addicted to. The app itself is set up in a way that definitely reinforces that idea of achievement once you complete a workout. This good feeling as a result of completing a workout motivates women to continue doing these workouts every day.