How much do you know about this celebrity?

This celebrity is not among the worlds richest. In fact, in America alone, he is far from being on a top twenty, or even top fifty list. This is the popular list of the country’s richest celebrities. It’s a curious thing this, because everyone always seems to be interested in just how much money famous men and women are making these days. But dig a little deeper, do some intense reading for a change, and you will soon learn how these men and women made their fortunes. Most of the time, they all started at a young age.

And of course, there are those who started quite late in life. So if you find that you are still struggling along having to make ends meet, there is still hope, because it is never impossible. It is all over to you. It depends on just how much you are prepared to put into a venture and how willing you are to learn from others. Because starting your own company is not easy meat. You really have to work hard at it. This is something that this celebrity will tell you as well. These days, he is pretty important. He is the Republican Party’s leading member in Congress.

He is none other than Paul Ryan, and he’s still quite young too. Many are already whispering that he could make a future president too. That might just depend on just how influential he is and how much money he is able to bank. Because presidential campaigns are big business, running into the millions. Just ask former president Bill Clinton. He served two terms of office during the nineteen nineties. But you could almost say that his story is a rags to riches one. Not many people know this, but Bill Clinton’s career did have some humble beginnings.

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Bill Clinton’s race to the White House is your typical come from behind saga. Back then, no-one thought he stood a chance. And by the time he got to the front, he was still up against the formidable George Bush. Some say he was a sitting duck president, while others had long memories because they seemed to recall that he had told them to read his lips. But those with short memories only relate to him as being former US President George W Bush’s father. Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary, ran for the presidency too, not too long ago.

Like her democratic predecessors, Barack Obama and Al Gore, she got the popular vote. But it wasn’t enough. The Electoral College continued to bewilder the majority and Donald Trump got elected instead. Also, at some stage of Trump’s presidential campaign, Paul Ryan endorsed him too. Whether he is a leading Republican or not, perhaps the man does have some influence. Perhaps someday, he will get to use his influence and shake a lot of hands and become president too. Perhaps time is on his side.