What is the Additive Called Carrageenan?

There are so many weird names for food additives, and we feel it is part of the reason why they get such a bad name. Even when you think of the word additive on its own, we can get the sense that it is something bad and chemically that maybe should not be there in the first place. However, there is no reason why we should fear all food additives. It is a stupid way to live life, and we do not believe in advocating such things. That is why we want to clear up some of the misconceptions that people may have about additives. We want people to understand that not all additives are the same.


For instance, there are some additives that do cause issues to people, especially if those people have some food allergies. But that is more of a specific thing. People have peanut allergies – does that mean we think peanuts are bad? It is not the right attitude to take. Yes, there are some additives that are 100 percent harmful to us, and we are always working to get those items taken out of the food that is manufactured on a regular basis. But it is much more important to focus on those “bad” additives if we want things to progress.

The last thing that you want is to get into a situation where you are hating on all additives for the simple reason that they are called additives. Yes, it is better to have food that is not processed. However, we do not always have a choice. Perhaps you are short on money, or the recipe that you are making calls for something that is not available fresh right now. There is nothing wrong with getting something that is a little bit processed, so long as you know what additives are present, and whether those additives are safe.

For instance, the additives such as carrageenan are always getting a bad name, and we think this should stop. It is not helping anyone. In fact, if you are constantly giving safe and healthy additives a bad name, then how are you helping? The only thing this achieves is that it creates a sense of paranoia, where all additives are labeled as bad. You are never going to get companies to take all additives out of food, because it is not practical. That is why we need to focus on the harmful ones.

This is an area where the FDA is very helpful. The FDA is in charge of doing all these tests in the United States to ensure that the items that are being sold on the market are 100 percent safe for consumers. Yes, some things are less healthy than others. If you have a ton of sugar each day, you will develop health problems. But it is not so simple. What the FDA does is ensure anything that is seriously harmful is not going to get added to your food. And we should trust them to do their job!