YouTube and the Quest for Success

Are you tired of feeling as though you are never going to make it on YouTube? We have all been there – even if you would not believe it. Even though we do not want to give out our channel information, you can rest assured that we have a channel that now has more than a million subscribers. Now you may be thinking that we just lucked into this situation, or we somehow had an inside track that helped us get through to more people in a way that others could not manage. But it is not true. It was all the hard work we put into the process.

Yes, you are going to need talent if you want to make this work. We all have dreams and aspirations, but sometimes we have to align those with the talents that we are given when we are put on this earth. And if you are someone who wants to make YouTube content for money, you will want to ensure that you are good at it. And if you are not, you will want to work at it to ensure that you are improving the quality of every aspect of your videos – from each video to the other.

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If you stop trying to improve, you are never going to find success. But you must also remember that quality is not going to translate directly into views. You will have to do things a little bit differently. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that when you start putting up your videos, you are competing against so many others. And many of those content creators have been on the platform for ages – which means they have an audience already.

How can you compete? One method that we loved when we first started our channel was to buy YouTube likes and views. You may think it is cheating the system, but the concept that you are going to buy YouTube likes and views is nothing unusual. In fact, we would say that it is a very common system where you are going to take advantage of how people behave when they are on a platform like YouTube. The idea is that you are going to make your content appear a lot more popular than it is in reality. Why? So people click on your videos when they search for a topic or some keywords.

Let us say you are making beauty content about makeup or some related topic. You may have some unique perspective on the matter – but there are hundreds of other such videos already on the platform. If someone searches “natural makeup tutorial,” are you the first person that will come up on the site? You may not even make it to the first page, since there are such videos with 100,000 or more views already. You need the buying of views and likes to ensure that you can compete with those channels from the get go. It will help you a huge amount.